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5 things to invest in: medical school & rotations

5 Things to invest in for medical school:

1. Noise cancelling headphones - because when you're in (or trying to get in) the zone, nothing is more annoying than background conversation.

2. A comfortable chair - with good back support 

3. An inspiring study space - make it your own with a large desk, art on the walls, lots of light, and maybe a plant or two. 

4. Pens on Pens - my personal favorite is the Signo Uni ball 0.38

5. A gym/rock climbing/yoga membership - keeps you accountable of your physical health, gives you something you do for you, and serves as an opportunity to do hang out with a friend


5 Things to invest in for rotations:

1. Mini Ipad - allows for easy access to studying PDF textbooks, notes, etc without looking like you're texting on your phone

2. External phone battery/case 

3. Small notebook to carry in your pocket - for notes on things you're asked to do, look up, etc

4. Super feet shoe insoles - obviously good shoes are a no brainer, but that may look differently for everyone. These insoles though? They make all the difference. They're a little pricier and need to be replaced every few months if you're using them every day, but so worth it.

5. Snacks on snacks - Bars, protein balls, carrot sticks, water... anything to give you sustenance (especially when you've been rounding for hours on IM or in the OR for hours on hours)


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Drink coffee, be a boss, and build an empire.

Drink coffee, be a boss, and build an empire.