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What should fourth year look like?

Fourth year will be awful and challenging and incredibly satisfying and awesome all at the same time. 

The point is that you will work hard and study a lot, and learn as much as you can to prepare for intern year. Here are my thoughts - some are specific to aspiring surgeons, but most apply to all.

  • Take Step + Level 2 early

              - Before auditions, ideally from June-July

  • Take the PE exam ASAP

             - Before auditions, but if not possible due to date availabilities, you'll make it work

  • Do SubI's, ICU, and emergency medicine rotations early on

             - At a certain point in fourth year, your brain just shuts down (at least 90% of people)

             - After auditions + interviews, schedule electives in specialties you're interested in, or useful ones you'll gain skills for any specialty like: radiology, anesthesiology, GI, or rotations that have good hours

  • The learning doesn't end: things to learn before intern year

             - EKGs - Dale Dubin

             - Radiology -

             - Podcasts - Surgery: Behind the Knife, Legends of Surgery / News / anything you find interesting

             - Mont Reid Handbook: basic surgical pathology, how to write a pre-op, post-op, & admission notes, how to admit someone, pre-op labs

             - Pocketbook: good intern year advice/navigating politics and studies

             - ABSITE review: you will use this book to study for your surgery national boards


              - Absolutely make sure you do this. Almost all of us have debt, it won't make a big difference.  You won't have an entire month off with no responsibilities (no patients at home waiting for you, limited vacation days), all while a group of your friends do too

The immigrant (& refugee) ban: why you should care.

The immigrant (& refugee) ban: why you should care.

Are we all in la la land?

Are we all in la la land?