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The immigrant (& refugee) ban: why you should care.

The immigrant (& refugee) ban: why you should care.

If you're a current 4th year DO student, we are going through so much at once. There is an MD-DO merger that is in the process, the repeal of ACA, as well as the immigrant ban, all while match day is just around the corner (! 6 days for me).

Why does this matter to us, and why does this matter to the general public?

  1. We are immigrants.
    • We all came here for opportunity, a better life. 
    • We all have friends or family whom we visit.
    • We all have the right as human beings to travel as we see fit.
  2. We need immigrants.
    • A large majority of health care is possible because of foreign physicians, whether they were born & trained in another country (and then spent an extensive amount of $ + years to re-train in residency here), or they are US citizens who completed medical school elsewhere.
    • We need people from different training backgrounds, cultural backgrounds, and perspectives to collaborate with so we can be innovative and purposeful in our endeavors to treat human disease.
    • There is a cap on US residencies - this is because the government pays residency programs to train future physicians. There are only a certain amount of slots allotted and paid for, because this cap was created back when there was a surplus of physicians by the thousands. 
    • What does this mean? Not only are there more medical students graduating than residencies that can train them, but those of us who will be matching in a few short week/weeks, may not have the mentors to train us.
    • All this is going on while we are still in a physician shortage/deficit, so it affects everyone. If you think your wait is long, or the physicians are burnt out and overworked now, this is about to get worse before it gets better.
  3. Human life is valuable. 
    • Basic needs should be met, and basic rights are rights - not a privilege. In the face of disaster, the foundation of what the United States was founded on, should support those in need. No further explanation needed.

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