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2016: it was quite the year.

The best thing that happened this year was being forced to be completely lost so that I could find my (own) way. Not back, because this journey is forward moving, and moving fast. But this segment of my 8 year journey toward my medical degree has been quite the adventure. 

I lived alone. I love being alone, despite loving and nurturing many close relationships and getting together with friends or talking on the phone sometimes on a daily basis. But part of relaxing and re-energizing is being alone, and I love that independence. There’s something about the freedom of being able to eat leftovers and watch Netflix on a Saturday night and nobody knowing you did - but it’s also about the fact that you learn to be okay being alone. And even enjoy it. You learn to make decisions without bouncing it off of someone else’s beliefs but focus on figuring out your own instead. 

I'm done with auditioning. I was traveling and flying all over the states alone, at one point driving 16 hours, and I always make my drives straight through. I've worked harder than I ever thought possible under sometimes ridiculous circumstances, and not only survived, but thrived. I've read (and learned) extensively. Not only did I learn the value of different aspects of different programs but also what it means to me, and why this process is so personal. This was the most stressful, exhausting, and expensive time of my life, but also the most fun - and I met some amazing people whom are now my great friends. 

I also met my nephew for the first time. A brand new baby, full of potential and God's love, right there in front of my face. So much joy and love, filled my heart to the brim. That's how I want to live.

So hello, world. Let's fill hearts to the brim.

The end of the beginning.

The end of the beginning.