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Blogs, Podcasts, &Resources: The List

These are some of my favorites I follow, including strong women (and men!) in all walks of life, strong women of faith, and resources for news as well as the culture of medicine. What are your favorites?


  • The Every Girl: A great blog with articles and resources on anything from career/finance, to fashion and beauty, to travel, cooking, wellness, and style.
  • Hannah Brencher: Faith based, on fire for God creative based in New Orleans who is a boss in so many different ways - stories, planning, and inspirational speaking - check her out!
  • Shanny, D.O: Resident physician based in PA writing about the culture of medicine, nutrition, and yoga - 3 of my favorite things!
  • KevinM.D: Incredible articles on great topics of medicine weekly. Truly a great resource.
  • AlittlebitofLacquer: Harvard trained resident physician in Dermatology, married to another Harvard trained physician - follow their adorable life of medicine and 3 kiddos in FL
  • CarrieBradshawLied: Fashion, travel, and food from this do-it-all woman living in Orange County CA, who happens to be married to a man in medicine! 
  • Becky Kiser: Women's coach and owner of Sacred Holidays, faith based blog writing about faith and freedom, marriage, motherhood, and running a business


  • Bulletproof Radio: Health and nutrition, bio hacks, latest and greatest ways to be and think your best - I'm obsessed
  • New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM): A summary update of the latest research in medicine
  • Behind the Knife: Interviews, topic discussions, and updates on interesting topics in medicine - also has an ABSITE review series, great for those who have a commute to work and still want to review along the way
  • Legends of Surgery: Short snippets and stories about the history of surgery


  • The Skimm: Click on the link to sign up for a daily short email Mon-Fri about the latest world news - with both sides of the story, and links if you'd like to read more. This is my way of staying updated a little bit at a time. So important to stay informed, especially with so much happening recently (both relating to medicine and outside of it)
  • PropelWomen: Faith based organization that is all about activating, supporting, and equipping women to find their God given passion, purpose, and potential!
  • LearningRadiology: great resource for practicing the reading of radiology scans
  • Doximity: Incredible resource for updates in the world of medicine as well as entries/articles written by medical professionals - but I believe you have to be in the medical profession to have an account.


  • If you're a first year studying for level/step1....... UWorld, Sketchy micro, Online Med Ed, First Aid, Saverese (for us D.O.s), and Pathoma are money.
  • If you're a second year studying for shelves and level/step2.......Online Med Ed, Pathoma, UWorld
  • If you're a third year....... Online Med Ed, UWorld, The Successful Match by Rajani Katta (start reading)
  • If you're a fourth year....... The Residency Interview by Jessica Freedman, The Successful Match (keep reading)




The Intern Survival Kit

The Intern Survival Kit