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Who knew a story about getting lost would be so powerful?

I've just returned from a month traveling through Europe, which has been an absolutely incredible experience - but also the ultimate getting lost process. Being removed from everything and everyone you know - like being in outer space, staring at the earth - maybe it allows you to make peace with your past. Maybe you find little pieces of yourself that you never knew existed, in relation to others in a different worldview. 

This is a poem by a man. A man with a typewriter. A man sitting on a street in London, as a poet for hire, for any price you think worthy. He asked me what I'd like him to write about, and I asked for journeys and new beginnings. 

But before we get to that, we should talk about origins.

It's a perfect time to, just a day after Mother's Day, since a mother is where each of us has originated from. A mother gives you so much: her genes, her love, her blood, sweat, and tears. Her worldview, experiences, and wisdom.

While traveling through London, Paris, Rome, Florence, Milan, Berlin, and Copenhagen - there were so many origins of history, art, and stories. Endless stories of people, community, love, pain, and power. Walking through doors and on steps shared with the giants before me... beyond powerful.

So much of what we learn is through our own biased, limited experiences. It so important to be well traveled and well read. Because even though where you start from affects where you go - it doesn't dictate it.

As I walk into this week, I'm preparing to walk out a licensed physician on the other side. 10+ years of working toward this goal, and somehow it is here. I still have many more years of residency training and learning to do, but there is something beautiful about the ending of a chapter.

The journey and the process of becoming, that is the start to your many new beginnings.

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Europe Trip 101

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