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Chase the dream.

Chase the dream.

“I love when people who have been through hell walk out of the flames carrying buckets of water for those still consumed by the fire.”

I recently had the unique experience of being on the other side of medicine. As much as I hate being the patient, I try my best to let people do their jobs and not be that person. Typically, despite my efforts, either my ability to comprehend or the language I use gives me away... and the conversation turns toward what I’m in residency for and what it’s like. 

I’ll admit, I hate this. 

Mostly because I hate being the center of attention with strangers — but also because it’s uncomfortable. People either go one of two ways: extreme praise or an odd degradation of it. 

This time, one of the members of my care team (for whatever reason, maybe for her own edification or her true opinion) made comments essentially about how awful it must be in my line of work. That I’d never have any time to eat or rest, and those student loans! Comment after comment, it was persistent to the point where it became awkward for everyone in the room, including a tech who was pursuing medical school. Definitely not the right place for the conversation, but I regret not saying something, at least to encourage the pursuit of medicine. 

There will be countless people along the journey, all along the journey, who will doubt / distrust / wonder for / give up for / hate you. Don’t listen to them. 

It’s a long and hard road, and there are times I wonder about choosing an easier one. But the feeling passes, and is often surpassed by feelings of “ok seriously, I get to do this for my job?!”

Loans — thousands of people have gotten through them before, and it’ll be no different for you.

Time will pass anyway, might as well do what you love. 

As time goes on, as things get harder and busier, you get better. That’s what this process is about. There will always be sacrifice but you can and are allowed to have more than one priority. You make it work because you want to. So if your health is important, you’ll make time. Whether that’s prepping your meals ahead of time, taking a walk while making a business call, or scheduling one less person for clinic so you can serve the rest better — these are all possible. 

That being said, becoming a physician isn’t for everyone. And that’s okay. But for those who desire it, who are passionate for it, and are willing to work hard and persevere — it is within reach. You will be part of a small percentage of the population who is capable of doing what you can do...and that’s pretty amazing. 

Medical School to Residency